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Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I expect to pay, all costs included?

The cost of the frame plus our service is listed under each individual product on the Bouquet Preservation Frames page. Taxes and shipping of the final frame are not included in this price but will be calculated at checkout. The only other additional cost to consider is overnight shipping of the fresh florals to Easton, PA.  

How far in advance should I place my order?

Orders should be placed about 15 days in advance to allow for proper planning and coordination for the bouquet, however we understand things can get a little (very) chaotic leading up to the wedding. We will do our best to not reject an order if it is not placed in advance of the wedding! 

Can I add any additions to my frame?

Yes, there are a few additions that can be added to the frame.

  1. Custom handwriting can be added to the backing board of the frame. This addition is handwritten by Hand on her Art, a close friend with impeccable penmanship. Vows must be sent as an image or a text tile, audio versions are not If the vows do not fill the full length of the backing board, they will be repeated until they do. Although the most common option is black, there are various ink colors available. This can be purchased by selecting the "handwritten background" upgrade from the drop-down menu on the bouquet preservation frame of your choice. 
  2. Boutonnieres can be included with a bouquet display free of charge or add on a boutonniere frame to your order to have the boutonniere framed in its own display!
  3. Wedding invitations or other paper decals can be included at no additional cost.

When shipping the bouquet, please include a note inside the box with your name and a list of all contents of the box. If this note is not included, items may run the risk of being accidentally discarded.

How can I safely ship my bouquet to the Pressed Bouquet Shop?

Overnight shipping is strongly encouraged for bouquets that are not sent the day after the wedding. During shipment, some flowers may brown or even loose petals. Overnight shipment can reduce the risk of this occurring. While we will not reject a bouquet if it is not sent with overnight shipping, please note that the flowers will always be worked with in the condition that they are received. 

A detailed shipping instructions email with the delivery address will be sent via email after the order is placed. 

The shipping instructions can be reviewed prior to placing your order by clicking here!



How long has the Pressed Bouquet Shop been in operation?

The shop has been in operation since the fall of 2019, however we have been pressing and framing flowers as a hobby for the last few years.  

When delivered, are the frames gift-wrapped?

Yes! When received you can expect your frame to be wrapped with delicate tissue and ribbon.

How can I feel certain that the final frame will arrive safely to my home?  

Frames are packaged in a box that is about 2" wider than the frame on all sides for safe delivery. The frame front is acrylic rather than glass which prevents the hazard of potential shattering of the glass in shipment. The finished product is wrapped in bubble wrap and the empty spaces in the box are filled with filler paper to allow for cushioning during shipment. Each frame box is marked as fragile and denoted to keep upright during the shipment process. 

If a leaf or petal becomes disconnected during shipment, the back of the frame can be easily removed to access the particle. Although extremely uncommon, if a frame were to arrive damaged, a replacement frame will be sent to replace the damaged frame as quickly as possible.   

My bouquet is already dried, can the flowers and greens still be pressed?  

We will only work with florals from events that are no more than one week old. Flowers quickly begin to brown and loose petals immediately after they are cut. If already dry, the flowers and leaves will crumble if pressing is attempted. If your bouquet is either dry or more than a week old, consider the recreation service detailed below. 

Do you offer bouquet recreation services?

Yes, the Pressed Bouquet Shop works with Rich Mar Florist to recreate bouquets based on photos of the original florals and greens. There is no additional charge for this service, except the cost of the flowers and greens which is to be paid directly to the florist. 

If you are considering this option, please email us a few photos of your original bouquet to get started. The Pressed Bouquet Shop will coordinate requesting a quote from the florist and will follow up in a few days with next steps.