Love notes from our wonderful clients

Client testimonials

"Flowers are my love language. Florals were a huge investment at our wedding and I knew that I wanted to be able to preserve my bouquet so that I'd have that memory forever. The idea of the same flowers I held in my hand on the best day of my life getting to follow me everywhere in the future brings me great joy. I sent my bouquet the day after my wedding and the shop was very communicative and emailed me right away when it was delivered. The result was beautiful. It is absolutely stunning. I can see each of the floral from my bouquet and it's hanging proudly in my living room. It was such a worthy investment and will be an heirloom in my family for generations to come."

- Kyra C.


"Such a beautiful keepsake! The flowers for my wedding were one of my favorite parts so I am thrilled that I get to keep them in a pressed frame forever! The artists at Pressed Bouquet Shop included specific and easy-to-follow packing instructions and were very communicative about the process to ensure the end result was everything I wanted. My pressed bouquet arrived very quickly and is perfect!"

- Hannah W.