your memories, presssed


It's never too late to preserve your memories

Let us recreate your bouquet from your wedding that happened last year, five years ago, or even 30 years ago!

Recreations are a beautiful way to showcase your special day, make for a memorable anniversary gift, and preserve your most cherished memories.

How it works

1) Fill out the form below to start the conversation.

2) We will then request a few photos featuring your original bouquet from your wedding day and the preservation pieces you're interested in.

3) Using your photos, our Client Relations Team will work with our partner florist to provide you with a quote for fresh flowers.

Note: Certain flowers may not be availabe due to seasonality and variation. We will source as close of a match as possible.

4) Once your order is placed, the preservation process will begin - just the same as any other order!

Note: Due to sourcing, recreations typically take 3 weeks longer than our current turnaround time. This allows us ample time to give your bouquet the attention it deserves!