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The Pressed Bouquet Shop team
Hi friends! We're so happy you stopped by. We are the team behind the scenes of the Pressed Bouquet Shop. You can hover over our photos to learn a bit more about each of us! Feel free to send us a message with any questions you may have, or just to say hello!
Amelia is the owner and founder of the Pressed Bouquet Shop
Amelia is the founder and CEO of Pressed Bouquet Shop. Initially, pressing and framing flowers was a hobby inspired by a single white rose, framed with a note by her grandmother. Starting with her own homegrown zinnias, Amelia soon realized the power of preserving a memory. With her education in business and marketing mixing perfectly with her talent for design and her entrepreneurial spirit, she forged a path towards helping others keep their precious memories. In the fall of 2019, Pressed Bouquet Shop was born. At first a one-woman show, she has built a team of creative and trusted people who are dedicated to the same sense of sentiment and artistry that has inspired her. Favorite Flower- Butterfly Ranunculus Favorite Season- Summer
Nikole is the store manager of the Pressed Bouquet Shop
Starting as a presser, Nikole quickly blossomed into Pressed Bouquet Shop’s beloved store manager. With impeccable customer service skills, she is at the ready to answer any question and offer guidance to our customers and the team. A hard worker, Nikole is still always sure to make time for fun, with a great knowledge of pop culture trivia and a love of music. Favorite Flower- Tulip Favorite to Press- Peony Favorite Season- Spring
Kathy, with a background in fine arts, was one of our very first talented designers. Her designs are artful and unique, and done with excellent attention to detail. Displays from Kathy will be full of movement and color, a wonderful way to remember special occasions. A loving mother to two daughters, Kathy enjoys spending time tending to her garden and being in nature. Favorite Flower- Lilac Favorite Season- Autumn
Phaedra is a designer at the Pressed Bouquet Shop
Our designer Phaedra has always had a special place in heart- and on her table- for flowers. It did not take long for her work designing lasting floral keepsakes to become a passion. She loves seeing the colors and textures of the flowers come to life in the lovely and bold displays she creates. Her other loves include writing and reading poetry, making mixed media collages, woodworking, and having a nap with her cat. Favorite flower- Daffodil Favorite season- Spring
Skye is a designer at the Pressed Bouquet Shop
Skye began at the shop with pressing flowers, but her artist’s eye drew her towards becoming a designer. She has a great talent for creating beautiful and whimsical pieces, which are sure to make any bride smile for years to come. Her love of plants doesn’t stop at flowers- she also works with a local farm to grow vegetables. Favorite Flower- Daisy Favorite Season- Spring
Madison is a flower presser at the Pressed Bouquet Shop
Madison is one of our wonderfully talented flower pressers. Madison puts great care into all she does, and it shows in the florals she handles. She has a magic touch for maintaining a flower’s bright colors. She is a student of Anthropology at Rutgers University, as well as an avid baker, podcast listener, and player of Dungeons and Dragons. Favorite Flower- Hydrangeas Favorite Season- Autumn
Zuri is a flower presser at the Pressed Bouquet Shop
Zuri is one of our brilliant pressers. Always happy to work with natural materials, she still feels a sense of wonder at how each flower presses in a unique way. The florals that pass through her care come to designers still looking full of life. When she’s not at the shop pressing or at home working on her education, she enjoys practicing the bagpipes, snowboarding, and being with her loved ones. Favorite Flower- Hyacinth Favorite Season- Spring
Isabella is a flower presser at the Pressed Bouquet Shop
We welcomed presser Isabella in the spring, an exciting time to start working with flowers! She loves watching the blooms change in the pressing process. She was attracted by the unique nature of the position and her excitement has led her to excel in what she does. In her free time she is a consummate creative, making paintings and baked goods. Favorite Flower- Cherry Blossoms Favorite Season- Spring