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Planning for your wedding day may have been stressful, but we're here to make your bouquet preservation process stress-free. Shipping your bouquet to the Pressed Bouquet Shop is easy, requires only basic packaging materials, and we have a video tutorial to guide you through the process step-by-step! 

Please do NOT ship until you have placed your order online. 

    1. Complete the Purchase Agreement
      1. After placing your order, we will need you to sign and return the purchase agreement before we can accept your bouquet. You can email the purchase agreement to

        The purchase agreement is here:

    2. Send off your bouquet: 
      1. DO NOT SHIP VIA USPS (post office) - they are experiencing delays causing fresh flowers to arrive late despite the “guarantee” ship date.
      2. Please watch the video above and review the shipping document (below) before sending off your flowers.

        Shipping Instructions Document:

    3. Fill out our "I shipped my bouquet" form!
      1. Once you ship your bouquet, please complete the following form so we can accurately match your bouquet to your order:

Shipping Address: 

Pressed Bouquet Shop
434 Cedarville Road
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