How to Safely Ship Your Bouquet to the Pressed Bouquet Shop

How to Ensure Safe Delivery of Your Wedding Bouquet to the Pressed Bouquet Shop

Planning for your wedding day may have been stressful, but we're here to make your bouquet preservation process stress-free. Shipping your bouquet to the Pressed Bouquet Shop is easy, requires only basic packaging materials, and we have a video tutorial to guide you through the process step-by-step! 

To get an estimate on overnight shipping costs, feel free to use UPS's shipping calculator tool and our zip code, 18106.

Please do NOT ship until you have placed your order online.

After your order is placed follow these steps:

    1. Complete our New Client form through the link below

      Please note we are are unable to accept orders for clients who have not completed this form. Link to form: 

    2. Send off your bouquet: 

      1. Send us your florals via overnight or 1-day transit. Longer ship times cause flowers to deteriorate in the box. DO NOT SHIP VIA USPS (post office) - they are experiencing delays causing fresh flowers to arrive late despite the “guarantee” ship date.
      2. Please watch the video (below) and review the shipping document (below) before sending off your flowers: Find written shipping instructions here
      3. Shipping Address for Deliveries and Drop-Offs: 
        Pressed Bouquet Shop
        6330 Hedgewood Drive, Suite 220
        Allentown, PA 18106

        Dropping off? Our shop operates by appointment only.
        Click here to schedule: Schedule an appointment
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