Things are changing!

Here is everything you need to know about our move and rebrand

We will notify all of our clients when we have an official move date! Unless otherwise told, please continue to ship and drop off to our Allentown location. 

As we have grown, we have brought on a team of incredibly talented creatives. Our team has inspired us to think outside the box, and we are on a path to expanding our offerings to provide more services than just preservation. A rebrand, including a name change, will allow us to better position ourselves for our future endeavors.

Our current space has served us well, but we are ready to assume a new, larger space. Our new location will not only function more effectively, but its design will also better serve our team as its beauty promotes creativity from the moment one steps through its doors.

No, our orders will not be impacted! Our team will be working hard on creating each order within the given timeframe (6 to 12 months) as we will continue to operate out of our current space until the new location is ready.

We will share the exact address as we get closer to our move, but our new location is about a half-hour east of our current, located in Easton, PA. 

No, we are not changing any of our preservation pieces at this time. The products you ordered will be the products that are created for you.

Please note:

As we navigate this transition, you may notice that our packaging/marketing materials will be a combination of both our original and those that reflect our newly created branding. With the goal of striving for sustainable practices, we are choosing to not discard existing branding materials, but rather use them until they are depleted.