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Meet Jeannie and Jesse Lytle!

They are a husband and wife photography duo who believe adoring the little moments in life are the key to happiness.

Their dream is to capture the real, raw, authentic, priceless moments, which is definitely showcased through their photos and editing style.

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A: "My absolute favorite flower is a Peony."

A: "I used to be a nurse. I was a nurse for six years and did photography as a side hobby. I think I saw a lot of sad through nursing and wanted something happier. So I picked up photography as a more full time thing and then eventually went full time three years ago."

A: "I've been full time for three years, but I started seven years ago."

A: "My edit is very light, bright, very glowy, golden sun, true to color. I kind of want you to see the image and think, like, very joyful, bright, happy."

A: "I'm going to make this a two part question. So answer number one is, on the actual wedding day, plan some moments to just enjoy where you're at. The timeline gets chaotic. The day is wild. It goes by so fast. And you're going to hear that a million times, but it really, really does. So plan some little, like, five minute breaks to just take a deep breath soak it in. I'm going to run a little bit different direction with that and during your planning process, trust your vendors, hire people you trust and then trust them to do their job."

A: "So we typically book this is a large range, but like 6 to 18 months out. Occasionally there'll be some last minute stuff, but typically, especially like in the post COVID wedding era, most couples are booking closer to the 18 month mark. So if you have a vendor that you love, love, love, and you really need to have them book them sooner rather than later."

A: "Okay, so a little bit of everywhere. Primarily we serve the Philadelphia region, but we shot in Italy this year. We shot in Paris this year. I will actually be back in Italy. I'll be in Lake Como in like, two weeks for another session, so we will go anywhere you want us to. If you want us to come with you then we're there."

A: "We've added an associate team, which is really exciting. So this year we are training our associates to go out and capture wedding days and expand the business in that direction. We currently have one associate. Her name is Debbie. She's fantastic. She is booking for dates that we're already booked. So if you want Lytle Photography and you want the experience, but we're already booked, you still have the option of getting the experience, just not Jesse and I."  

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