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Pressed Floral and Greens Memory Display | Custom Pressed Flower Float Frame

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Enhance your favorite memory by having it accented by an array of botanicals, both greens and florals! Ideal for engagement gifts, wedding gifts, birthday presents, or a gift to yourself, this pressed floral frame allows you to admire your favorite photograph surrounded by natural art.

The Pressed Bouquet Shop makes memories last forever. Hi, I'm Amelia and I press, dry, and frame beautiful florals turning them into a works of art to display for years to come. If you have questions, or a favorite flower you would like displayed with your frame, send me a message! Having a conversation with my customers before they order allows me to customize their pieces just the way they like. Send me an email ( so we can talk through your vision and make it come to life!

*Once you place your order, please send me an email with the photo you would like to use in the display:*

All photos will be printed as a 5x7" print.

*Flowers and greens vary for each frame, and unless otherwise requested, the frame will be displayed with the florals that I believe would accent the photo the best.*