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Custom Resin Floral Tray

$249.00 Regular price

Admire your florals for years to come in by means of a practical and functional resin serving tray! 

Use suggestions: 

  • Bar Cart Topper
  • Patio Decor 
  • Makeup Brush Tray 
  • Vanity Decor 
  • Kitchen Island Decor 
  • Coffee Table Tray

Sizes: 8.3"x13.9" (large) or 6.9x12.4" (small)

*at this time, the only tray that can accommodate the matte black handles is the large size due to the size of the handles* 

Types of florals for tray: While resin tray designs are beautiful, they are not suitable for all flowers. Due to the thinness of the tray itself, flowers must press to be very flat to be included. Some florals that are not ideal are: 

  • Peonies
  • Garden roses
  • Succulents
  • Berries
  • Protea
  • other thick/full florals

- Feel free to contact us prior to purchases to discuss is the custom resin floral tray option is ideal for your bouquet!


  • Overtime, the crystal clear resin color may fade to represent an antiqued amber color, which is common occurrence in any resin product. 
  • Flowers must be sent to the Pressed Bouquet Shop at the expense of the customer via FedEx or UPS. Detailed packaging instructions will be emailed after the order is placed. 
  • Only fresh flowers are accepted as the florals need to be thinly pressed prior to placing them in the tray. 
  • Colors of the flowers and greens may alter slightly due to the nature of floral preservation. 
  • If sending the entire bouquet, please know we will use our botanical expertise to select the best looking flowers for the tray and most likely not all blooms/greens will be used.
  • The customer has their selection of handle color which is decided prior to adding their product to the cart. 
  • Please specify the wedding date in order notes so we know when to expect the bouquet/flower arrival. 

Shipping Your Bouquet:

  • Overnight shipping is strongly encouraged for bouquets that are not sent the day after the wedding. Feel free to use UPS’s shipping calculator to estimate pricing: The shipping zip code is 18042.
  • During shipment, some flowers may brown or become disassembled. Overnight shipment can reduce the risk of this occurring. While we will not reject a bouquet if it is not sent with overnight shipping, please note that the flowers will always be worked with in the condition that they are received.
  • When shipping the bouquet, please include a note inside the box with your name and the contents of the box. If this note is not included, items may run the risk of being accidentally discarded.

*A detailed shipping instruction email will be sent as your order confirmation shortly after the order is placed.*


This product is made with love by real human hands, the possibility of quirks is possible as no handmade product is "perfect". 

*While this resin tray is durable, it is not suggested to use it to cary fragile or heavy items (>1lb) as this runs risk of the thin resin tray breaking or the items sliding off of the shinny resin material*

*Not suitable for direct contact with food*