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"April Showers" DIY Float Frame Course (Materials Included)

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Find your creative side during one of these rainy April days with our DIY Float Frame virtual course! Fittingly named April Showers, this event allows you to create your very own pressed floral display in a gorgeous gold hexagon float frame. The owner of the Pressed Bouquet Shop, Amelia, will walk-you-step by step through designing and assembling your frame in this 40 minute virtual course. You will not only leave with a beautiful hanging float frame, but you will also gain knowledge as she offers tips and tricks about working with pressed flowers. 

With your purchase will receive: 

  • 1 hanging hexagon float frame (approx. 8.5" wide)
  • About 20 pressed blue delphinium blooms
  • About 3 sprigs of pressed silver dollar eucalyptus 
  • 2 hot glue gun glue sticks
  • The 40 minute virtual course (emailed shortly after your order is placed)