Caring for our Planet

Sustainability Efforts

Supporting our planet

Our incredible planet grew the blooms used to create these special pieces for you. We must all do our part to allow her to thrive. Caring for our Earth is essential, not only for our overall health and well-being, but also the longevity of the generations to come.

We strive to use sustainable materials in our preservation process to reduce our carbon footprint, and we encourage you to do the same in your own homes. 

Our sustainable efforts start with your blooms. Explore our full collection of bouquet preservation offerings. 

for floral preservation

wood frames

We source our bouquet preservation frames from suppliers who share our values for sustainable action. Our suppliers pride themselves on using recycled and reclaimed materials to craft quality wood frames

Stickers and Tape

Recycled packing materials

Noissue. supplies key necessities for the packaging of your preserved florals: stickers and tape! Noissue. promotes a circular economy aka “designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems”. 

Noissue.’s three values of sustainability include commitment to: a compostable product range, a recycled product range, and a reusable product range. 

Shipping Preserved Florals

Recycled Kraft Boxes

Packola, based in Van Nuys California, supplies our customized shipping boxes, designed to keep your preserved florals safe on their journey from our hands to your home. 

Packola’s entire product line is manufactured in the USA, using recyclable and sustainable materials.

Safekeeping your Preserved Florals


Our frames and resin items are packed with intention in durable canvas totes, made in the USA. These totes are ideal for storing and transporting your preserved florals when not on display in your home.