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Thank you for considering the Pressed Bouquet Shop to frame your special florals. We try to make this simple.


The Pressed Bouquet Shop turns your once in a lifetime bridal bouquet or floral arrangement, into a lifelong memory. 
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— Placing your order —

Please provide the wedding/event date in your order notes/customization.

I will not accept orders if the event was over a week before the order was placed. If you believe your bouquet is healthy and may be an exception, please message me with photos of the bouquet in its current state to discuss.

Final frames are unique in flower color and whitespace of the frame. These factors are all completely dependent on the flowers provided.

Once your order is placed I will contact you with shipping instructions.

— Shipping Your Bouquet/Florals —

If bouquet is shipped the day after, or two days after the wedding, 2 day shipping is acceptable.

All bouquets shipped on the 3rd-7th day after the wedding must be overnighted to the Pressed Bouquet Shop.

— Available Frames —

Frame availability is dependent on current stock, and will vary. If you are searching for a specific color, size, or type of frame - send me a message! I love working with customers to make sure their order is fit to their desire!

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— Important notes —

Some bouquet elements do not press due to thickness and overall water density. These include but not limited to:
- Some flower buds
- Succulents
- Pinecones
- Sticks

If you ship flowers that are too thick in your bouquet they will not be included in your frame.

Previously dried or semi-dried flowers cannot be pressed.

***Complete this document and return it via email to prior to shipping your bouquet: