Recommended Products for an All-White Bouquet

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Three words to describe an all-white wedding bouquet? Timeless. Classic. Elegant. White bouquets have been traditionally used in weddings for centuries, and they aren’t going out of style anytime soon. White flowers represent many meanings from new beginnings, to commitment, and passion - just to name a few!

Just like any other arrangement, your classic white wedding bouquet deserves to be treasured for years to come. Many floral preservations refuse to work with all-white bouquets, as white flowers may not press as easily as their colorful counterparts. However, here at Pressed Bouquet Shop, we accept all-white bouquets with open arms! Our expert team of preservationists and designers are happy to craft beautiful one-of-a-kind keepsakes using your white blooms. 

Keep in mind that depending on the flower varieties your florist chose for your bouquet, the color of your white blooms may shift or change once pressed. For example, white roses shift into an antiqued blonde tone and white lisianthus turn more yellow-green. Find examples here of how white flowers change color once pressed.

As a general recommendation, we suggest adding a bit of greenery to your all-white bouquet design if it doesn’t already include it! Adding sprigs of greenery throughout your design will add dimension, contrast, and visual appeal to your preservation. Grab a few greenery stems from your centerpieces for your design!

Curious about which of our preservation offerings would show off your all-white bouquet best? Look no further! Here are our top picks:

1. 16x20 White wood float frame

Your all-white bouquet + our White wood float frame = a match made in heaven. We highly recommend our float frame option for your all-white bouquet as opposed to our archival white background, as it will allow the flowers to truly stand out. 

Pressed white roses and wedding invitation displayed in a 16x20 white wood frame.

Pressed white roses and greenery displayed in a 16x20 white wood frame.

2. Contrasting Frames (Barn Wood or Black Wood)

If you still prefer our archival white background over our floating glass option, then we recommend choosing a frame that compliments your all-white bouquet through contrast. Our 16x20 Barn Wood or 16x20 Black Wood frame are beautiful options for making your wedding flowers pop with either background!

Pressed white roses and greenery displayed in a 16x20 rustic barn wood frame.

All-white peony bouquet and boutonniere pressed and displayed in black wood frames.

3. Resin Serving Tray + Coaster Set

If you’re seeking a functional way to preserve your white flowers, resin is the way to go! White blooms pop against crystal clear resin. Add your own personalized touch by choosing between black, silver, gold, or rose gold handles for your serving tray, and hexagon or square shaped coasters. Elevate your all-white bouquet by adding gold, silver, or rose gold metallic flake to your resin keepsakes as well!

White roses and greenery preserved in a resin tray and resin coasters.

Bonus: Resin Ring Holder

Highlight the smaller details of your bouquet with a ring holder! Small white blooms such as a sprig of baby’s breath, or a single white spray rose are perfect for this beautiful preservation option. Showcase your ring and protect it from getting lost with this delicate display! 

White baby's breath preserved in a pyramid resin ring holder.

Your all-white wedding bouquet deserves to be pressed into a timeless keepsake, and we’re happy to make that transformation happen! Still have questions about your white flowers? Reach out to us for answers to any of your questions!

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