Acceptable Imperfections in our Pressed Flower Products

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We take pride in the keepsakes we create for couples and clients across the country. We understand the sentimental nature of wedding bouquets, anniversary flowers, memorial flowers and other significant florals in your life. Creating a beautiful keepsake that encapsulates your memories is our ultimate goal. 

Real, human touch is involved in every aspect of our process. From unboxing your bouquet, to pressing your flowers, designing your pieces, and packaging your finished keepsakes - our team of flower loving friends puts love into each and every step of the process

Within this process, certain imperfections or inconsistencies may arise due to a variety of factors. Our resin keepsakes are entirely handmade, our barn wood frames are made from actual barns, and no two bouquets are the same.

Taking these factors into consideration, here is a list of our most commonly seen “imperfections” in finished products:

1. Microbubbles in resin

Crafting resin keepsakes is an intricate process with many steps along the way. Our resin design team takes great care to ensure that your piece(s) will shine in a memorable way. However, in some cases microbubbles may appear in your finished product. Microbubbles are just what they sound like - tiny, miniscule air pockets that are visible through the resin. 

When flowers are submerged in epoxy, microbubbles can occur due to the layers between petals releasing tiny pockets of air.  These microbubbles are so small that usual methods of removing them such as applying heat, or filling them in with additional epoxy, are ineffective. 

Even if a few microbubbles are present in your resin keepsake - don’t fret! These bubbles are smaller than a fingernail, and don’t take away from the beautiful memories that your preserved bouquet captures. 

2. Flowers changing color once pressed

It’s no secret that fresh flowers will change color once pressed. Oftentimes the change can be ever so subtle, and in other cases the change can be dramatic. It all depends on your bouquet’s color palette and which flower varieties your florist chose for it! 

For example, quicksand roses are notorious for changing color once pressed. When fresh they range from a dusty pink to a mauvey-lavender tone, however once pressed they can shift anywhere from greenish gray to a soft pale purple. As a general rule of thumb, bright and rich pigments will maintain their color, while pastel pigments will lighten. 

Check out our Color Change Guide to take a deeper dive into how your flowers may change color once pressed!

3. Barn wood frames 

Barn wood is one of our most popular frame styles - and with good reason! The rustic charm of the frame compliments any bouquet. The most unique part about our barn wood frames is that they’re made from actual real life barns. The wood from demolished barns is repurposed to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind frames. 

Since these frames are created from repurposed wood, no two are the same (literally). The wash, wood grain, and patterning on the frame is different for each and every one. Therefore the frames you see pictured on our website or Instagram, may not be the same as what you receive. However, knowing your wedding flowers are framed in a unique, one-of-a-kind frame makes it all the more special! 

Although some may consider these factors to be “imperfections”, we emphasize that these keepsakes are made with love by real, human hands and that quirks are a possibility. We strive our absolute best to create beautiful, memorable works of art that capture your memories, and that is what we’ll continue to do as a growing small business. 

Have any questions about possible quirks in your order? Contact us!

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